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How do I edit vechicle height?


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I'm editing a police car I downloaded recently, in preperation for re-skinning it for personal use. The default handling.cfg lines make the car ride too low, the front is lower than the rear, and the tires are huge. I've fixed the tires, and the tilt, but I can't figure out the height. What values do I change? I've fooled around with the upper limit/lower limit vlaues, and I got the car the height I want, but the suspension is rock hard. I used the SA Handling editor. In the code below, the tilt is gone, and the ride height is perfect, but with rock hard suspension. What do I change?




POLICE_LA 1600.0 4500.0 2.0 0.0 0.3 -0.1 75 0.75 0.85 0.50 5 200.0 25.0 10.0 R P 10.0 0.53 0 35.0 1.0 0.12 0.0 0 -0.12 0.69 0.0 0.2 0.24 25000 40000000 10200008 0 1 0 




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My GTASA Handling Definition should help you understand the values. A link to my handling editor, CFG Studio, is in my signature if you want something a lot easier than NotePad. A big problem with editing handling.cfg in Notepad is that the columns are not aligned but in CFG Studio they are. Might be worth looking into. smile.gif


The setting you are looking for is the suspension LowerLimit. It sets the ride height of the car in meters measured from the center of the vehicle. This means the value is normally a small number which is negative. A value of -0.150 would move the center of the wheels 150mm lower than the center of the car, which tends to be about right for most vehicles. Some cars need a larger setting like -0.250, which is 250mm below the center of the car.


When you change the LowerLimit or UpperLimit of the supension, the springs and dampers get stretched or squeezed. This means you must calculate new values for the spring and damper forces. My GTA3 & GTAVC Suspension tutorial studied this effect and it seems to be the same in GTASA. For the time being, the only program which is any good at working out suspension values is my Rescaler program. However, I intend to add something like this to CFG Studio later in development. smile.gif


The suspension settings are probably the second most fiddly thing to get right in GTASA. The hardest is realistic acceleration.

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Screenshots would be welcome. Did you use Rescaler? If you did, was it easy to understand? I will be making something like Rescaler inside CFG Studio and want to make sure people will understand how it works. If you used CFG Studio, was it nice to use? Posting some feedback in the CFG Studio development thread would be welcome. smile.gif

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