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Your Girlfriend Gave Me This Shirt


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heres my newest mod im not using paint anymore lol i got a photoshop heres some pics enjoy. btw the text on the bottom is stretched cuz even if i made it really small it did that if you want to fix and re upload plz do. (Im new to this)



user posted imageuser posted image

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It ain't the scale of text that does it. it's the uv coordinates. If you're not going to remap the model (for the meantime, you aren't gonna), you'll have to try and counteract it with maybe all those fancy PS tools ya just came into (suggestion; when you get a new program, learn how it works). I'd suggest investigating transforms, but I dunno if those aren't going to just make a bigger mess.


Why not try replacing a T that already has text on it? You'd probably have an easier job of getting a cleaner effect. It may also be fuxxed by CJ's neutral stance whatever the case. If the T is plain normally it's probably the most loosely mapped one.


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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'nuther option which is "not-so-quick but dirty" is to look at how

the text is deformed and compensate by shrinking it, squashing

it, and putting perspective on it (whatever seems necessary)...

then saving it out and looking at it on your model in DFF Viewer

0.1 BETA (you'll have to search the forum for the program if

you don't have it yet). Saves you from having to test it out

in the game everytime you make a change.


It's tedious work, but you'll eventually get the text looking less

stretched out.


good luck!





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See, now there would be the CLEAN way to do it wink.gif


Probably it could get tricky, but frankly you'd learn more from this skin if you do that than the next 5, or 10, or whatever.


I'd give it a shot if I was you rampage_ani.gif

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ok thanks i tried making it really small but then it just looked retarted, but yeah i know how to use adobe photoshop so the one i have now is easier. but i have zomodler but it says i have to register to impot files, and i dont see a registration thing anywhere in the file, plus if i gotta pay then ill use somthing else.

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Try in the readme, or zmodeler2.com or wherever the fork Oleg registered. Zmod2 is your cheapest option by a really appreciable margin, unless someone comes with an import/export for say Blender (would be nice) But whatever rings your bell.


In the meantime, trying adjustments and viewing with DFF viewer is great practise and edumacational. Don't be afraid to get crazy with stuff just to see what works and what doesn't once the texture gets meshside wink.gif



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Lol, nice T-Shirt, very cleverly thought out and very witty colgate.gif.

lol I got the idea off my friend cuz he has the real tshirt, but yeah i had blender and it was really confusing i read alot of the help stuff and i was still lost.

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