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As I have an internet working on bandwith, I'm bothered about how much information sending will the co-op mode need?

Because just in MTA without peds and all, I had alot of bandwith and some extra-money to pay...

I hope to play co-op SA-MP, but I also hope I wont spend all my money for it...


I'm sure some of y'all will say "get a new internet plan... bla bla bla". Well, getting a new internet just for playing I game (even if I love the game) isnt like getting a little patch from the internet, if you know what I mean...

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I can't tell you the exact bandwidth requirements at this stage.


But I will say that peds will not be synced in the same way that players are synced. So having 30 peds running around you isn't the same as 30 players.

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