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[BETA|CONV|REL] Bullet Conversion to Vice City.


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This mod replaces the infernus in GTA Vice City with a San Andreas Bullet.


The model was taken from San An then converted to Vice by [DRuG]NikT.


This was just the product of me messing around, showing someone how to convert models.


Not to be taken too seriously, but I will get around to doing the wheels shortly.


user posted image



San Andreas Bullet for Vice City

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nice job, but i think you should do a special, SA-styled wheels for it. also, put a new chrome on it and don't forget about the stripes.


and release it as version 1.1, hehe. tounge.gif


good work, anyway.

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And maybe take some more pics from the back and the side views? Agree with Destructo about the wheels. Try to make something like the ones from SA. smile.gif
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Looks awesome, can you whip up a tut for converting SA vehicles to VC? Would be awesome to convert the nevada and put it in place of the RC Baron..


Nipa blush.gif

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If anyone was finding problems with the model blue-screening their game, just redownload the package from the same link as originally, in the first post. I have updated the dff with one that doesn't exhibit this problem - no other new changes have been made at this stage.
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