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[SNP] Learn To Fly & NOE


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Hi there,


can anyone please help me finishing the flight school and doing the NOE mission afterwards. The flight school is completed as of starting with the heli - some gold, some silver.


I don't know if it's okay to ask, but if there is a flight mission directly after NOE it would great if it can be finsihed as well. wink.gif

Probably shooting my own leg, but that mission with the RC airplanes is open as well. I know it's kinda long way driving back, but ... well, any help with it is highly appreciated, if it's not possible, no problem.


Thanks for your time and reading.






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For: TheFreezer

Missions: Learning to fly, N.O.E., Supply Lines, New Model Army

Helper: JustKarin

Link: http://s8.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=16D8J1NS1QZF706HZY3WOMO82I



- Got a phonecall from Woozie (could not evade it). Meet him at the Four Dragons Casino in Las Venturas (yellow marker on your map)

- Mission after N.O.E. is not really a flying mission

- Finished Zero’s missions and his shop is now an asset that collects $5000 max

- Saved at the garage in SanFiero




Goodluck with the game,



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wow, i thank you very very much Karin !! Your help is highly appreciated ... thanks a lot.


Kind Regards,





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