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Custom Vice City EXE?


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They were most likely map mods, no? Or extremely large mods?

This was against the rules number one, but aside from that it was most likely the mod maker's wishes to ease installation for those who wanted to try out their efforts. It is probably a universal no-cd EXE with the limits adjusted for the "end user", saving you the step. No worries.

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I noticed on the "Long Night" modification when you drive between zones the text to say what zone you're in eg. "Little Haiti" is horizontal and not skewed like in the normal executable. I see what you're saying about the limits but there seems to be some graphical modification too. Like the loading bars are blue like in GTAIII.


Did Long Night use the GTA:LC executable?


Replacing the fonts is one thing i'd like to implement in my mod but I wouldn't like to just rip-off someone else's modded exe. Does anyone know of how they made the changes? confused.gif

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I've found out what I want to do. The GTA:LC launcher allows you to cutomise the RGB values of the colour of the fonts and symbols in specific areas of the GUI. The fonts are in their own txd I think fronten or something...


Yeah before I release my mod i'll beg the people who made if to let me use it so I can whore their creation on my stuff. It's impressive biggrin.gif I've been wanting to do this for ages. biggrin.gif


Edit: yes, RGB not RPG. Sorry I'm a little bit drunk.

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