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I used the search thing for this, but couldn't find anything about it. So I thought I'd make a thread about it.




This is a pretty cool game, I believe the idea of this game was created by the US Army or something, there are new missions added every month, and it's free. It's got really good graphics and such for a free game, and it's mulitplayer or single player, so it's fun for all.


The missions are based of real world events that happen every month, the first mission being the assasination of Uday and Qusay Hussein, the two sons of Saddam Hussein.


There are many features of this game, including the fact that you can use vehicles, etc.


Again, I'm sorry if this has already been posted, but I thought that this would be something that a lot of people would enjoy. If it has been posted, feel free to lock it.


Have fun. smile.gif


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I just got through downloading the game, now I have to download the missions. I'll play it in the morning, I'm f*cking tired.


Edit- The point to this post is, there is a lot of downloading to be done when you decide to get it. Have fun smile.gif


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