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fix for soundblaster and fps boost


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I got a soundblaster 24bit and an ati 9200 SE 128 meg I have the old driver on to fix the peds but this might fix the peds texture error if you have the latest version


(1) update your windows directx

(2) update to the official videocard and soundcard driver

(3) move all the dll in the gta san andreas root directory to a zip file

make sure there is no dll left


this fix all my sound bugz and made the game run much smoother

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can U please tell me how to make a zip file?

And deleting the .dll files, only the ones in the gta sa directory? about 4 of them?

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1. download directx 9.0c from microsoft.

2. with any good zip program. (I have Izarc, its free)

and to heck with the official drivers. there are better tweaked ones guru3d

3. You may delete eax.dll from GTA SAN ANDREAS folder in Program Files if You want to (if there is any reason?) to downgrade your audio, but make a backup first. I don´t advise You to do this. Instead try ->start -> execute (type dxdiag and hit enter)

in the sound tab down soundacceleration from full 1 or 2 steps down.

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