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tanker commander, i cant get past it!


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When I get to the mission marker the guys in the gas station start fighting each other, and when i finish the mission, the dude buying the damn tanker punches the crazy b*tch, and like the crazy girl she is she shoots his guts out, and the cinimatics freezes, and the mission wont pass, I tried without my trainer or cheats running and it still does it. I also try to skip the cinimatics, and it wont skip it....



HELP!!!! devil.gif


I have pc version

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It Catalina shoots Whittaker at the end of Tanker Commander, it's a sign you have used the Pedestrians Riot cheat; which can't be disabled and won't allow you to complete the game. Might as well start over, unless there's some way to fix it on PC. The peds riot cheat affects these missions: Tanker Commander, 555-We-Tip and MAdd Dogg.

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