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Viva Gta San Andreas.

Watched first 5 seconds, still loading but from what i have senn its funny. I like the sounds he put it. And when he comes out of the costume room. lol

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I could have sworn I seen this posted the other day confused.gif. I don't like the description of it


Alright, this isnt Grand Theft Auto for Xbox 360 but it is a decent video of some dude imitating the game in real life. He did a great job editing. Would of liked to maybe see some more action or something funnier.

It sounds....wierd.


EDIT: It isn't showing an image, only audio dontgetit.gif \.

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heh prett good job by those guys, i had plenty of chuckles. the ending was the best, pickin up the baseball bat after killing the guy. also the car mod and stealing the beemer were good. no cookie, just some breadfish breadfish_by_Moto.gif

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