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Question about one of the radio tracks.


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There is that song, going like "its like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how i keep form going under". i believe it was on RLS, not sure tho.


i liked it, so i googled after it.

i came to the result it must be grandmaster flash's "the message". since my brother has lots of stuffs like that i aske dhim, and he gave it to me.



i noticed that the voice of the person rhyming in the game is not the same as on the cd. so, since i like the one in-game better, does anyone know who's the actual artist there?

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--ICE CUBE - CHECK YO' SELF (The Message Remix)--



That's the only song from RLS I found that might be it, but the lyrics don't match...

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original gangster

ice cubes song has got that tune, but the lyrics are from vice city, as far as i can remember.

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