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This intro movie remover will work with all GTA games since, and including GTAIII. Just follow the instructions when you run it.


You'll find this beneficial if you're a modder and you have to start GTA often. It's a pain in the ass the press buttons to get past the movies and this speeds up the whole getting to the main menu.


Tell me what you think. I'm not sure if it's been done before but this is good stuff.


Link: http://superfrenzy.hostilezone.net/html/download.php?list.3


Main site: http://www.superfrenzy.com


I would appreciate it if you would report back with what you think too. Cheers smile.gif

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It is a modification which replaces the intro movie .mpg files with empty ones thus speeding up the time it takes to get to the main menu in either GTA3, Vice or San Andreas. It works with them all.


It's an exe made by clickteam's install creator. If you're unsure about exes you should get microsoft's anitspyware and a free virus scanner like AVG from grisoft.


Keep up the feedback! smile.gif

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Well I remember using something like this for VC but I would prefer to have just black backround instead of that white text which only flashes by.


But anyways... have some cookie.gifcookie.gif

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I already have one called "NoSplash" by TonyB which removes the intro movies and the nvidia screen and stuff, so that when you start San Andreas you start at the main menu's loading screen. Is this one the same? Good job smile.gif
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Yeah I'd be liking a copy of that nosplash thing.


On my PC i don't get the white text momentarily flashing by... Strange. I thought i'd just put it on anyways...

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On GTAgarage.com, of course! tounge.gif


more specifically: HERE smile.gif


It only works on San Andreas, though


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