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IPL and IDE Files Help!


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1.How one can change IPL and IDE, there is an editor for IPL and files IDE because I wanted to change maein folder MAP .


2.I wanted to insert GTA 3 MAP and city GTA Vice MAP in Andreas GTA San Andreas.


3.How wide are the mustiness with extremist GTA Ultra!!!


4.How wide is 'MOO MAPER' for Andreas GTA San!!!



Can help me one properly!!











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1. the program people are using is called 'notepad' you can find it on a windows install


2. you can't do that now.. there are limits;


3. ?


4. ? Moo Mapper for SA does not exist, like people have tried to tell you..


my lacking answers.


hope your english/translator can read this.


Nipa xmas.gif

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1. No translator !!!!

2 takes Nipa I. Do not give next sometimes thus one sh*t antwort!!!

3. I cannot be taken the piss out !!!!!!



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Also, look in Ashdexx's Directory sticky in this section.


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