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buttons dont work on some missions?


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hi, ive had some trouble with actually finishing missions because the game wont recognise when i push the button in.

so far its happened twice.


the first time it was in the Zed mission where u fight it out with the other guy on a mini battlefield with rc cars and helicopters. it wont let me use the magnet to pick up the barrels or planks of wood. ive tried using joypad and keyboard but neither work. or any other button.


the other time its happened so far is the mission where u have to pick up a car full of explosives and drive it to the crack factory and park it next to some chemical tanks. it wont let me arm the bombs then either.


any suggestions or would i be best off with a reinstall??



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In both cases, you have to use the "fire button" to use. Which button do you press to use the magnet or arm the bomb?


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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i use the sony control with a ps2 - usb converter. i use the circle button.

or on the keyboard i got it set up as return or num0



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