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"No Audio Hardware" Error


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on top of that, i cant see people in MTA:VC. but first things first, is there a patch or something that will make Vice see my sound card? GTA 3 works perfectly, sound and all, but vice has no sound. any one know how to fix this?


post anything you need to know about my computer and such.

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i apologize.


1) PC or PS2

- PC

2) What version number of GTAVC

- 1.0

3) What CPU and it's speed

- Not sure what CPU, but its 633 mhz (doesnt work on faster computer either, which is 2 ghz)

4) How much RAM, also what kind (DDR, SDRAM) and speed

- 220 (give or take a few) dont know the speed, SDRAM

5) What video card

- nVIDIA GeForce 2

6) Which version of Windows

- XP

7) DirectX version

- 9.0

8) What sound card

- SoundBlaster Live!

9) Mods

- None


sorry for not posting that earlier. the same problem is happening with my brother. and he has different specs, that i dont know what are. =)

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3) What CPU and it's speed

- Not sure what CPU, but its 633 mhz (doesnt work on faster computer either, which is 2 ghz)

You fail to meet the minimum requirements


user posted image

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other than the sound, the game runs perfectly. and like i said, no sound on the computer with 2 GHZ, and i know for a fact, that that meets requirments.

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Soundblasters are known for two things: excellent sound and massive overhead. Both Soundblaster hardware and software will rake you clock.


Besides, SOMETHING is wrong and you don't meet MINIMUM system requirements. You can't just dismiss it unless you really know every last aspect of how a PC runs. If you did, you wouldn't need to be posting on a forum to ask why wink.gif

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what im saying, is that i have the same problem on a high end computer, and my brother as well has a high end computer, same thing. we both have teh same sound card, and the high end computer has a soundblaster live 24-bit. could it be our soundcards? could it fix it, if i moved the soundcard to a new pci-slot? im not dismissing the minimum system requirments, i know i dont meet them, im just saying i have the same problem on 2 faster computers. do you have any idea how to fix this? ive searched google for the past 2 days, and people have this issue, just no1 knows how to fix it.


thanks for you help,



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If you're having the exact same problem on multiple machines, then there may be something wrong with the disc. Are you in a position to exchange it? I had a buddy whose Win2K disc got scratched ON THE LABEL side. One part was severe enough to take the label off in a teeny spot. Any time he installed it from that disc, it would install fine, but he'd get general protection faults frequently. He tried mine and all was well. Strange stuff.


I'm sure the higher end machine over there runs the SB just fine. It's probably the source of VC, your disc.

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tommy vercetti guy

There is always a possibility that he downloaded it wow.gif


If not, then are you using some sorta CD crack?

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my cd is damaged, after i installed, so i have a no-cd crack. but even before that, i had no audio. and my brother doesnt live by me, he has his own. what could it be?

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