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The GTA Madness Mega Mod


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I'm now mainly searching for Map Mods currently.


I'm trying to make a San Andreas Mega Mod and I'll need your help to build this mod into one jam packed file. I'd like to change the models to every single car in San Andreas, I'd like to change the way guns work to a more easier suitable gun e.g. No Reload. and many more things.

If you've created a already finished mod send a link to your file here or to [email protected] (You may e-mail files up to 10MB{make sure you can send what your sending}).



Will I get credit?

Yes, you will. You'll get credit in the readme proveded with the files.


Is there any other ways I can contact you?

[email protected]



Please ask any questions?

I'll get back to you alot quicker if you e-mail questions.

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