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This is a mod made by willyboy and i take no credit for it except telling you about it. I don't think anybody knows about this mod. It makes the graphics of anything that has reflections (except windows on walls not cars) and makes it look like graphics on the xbox or san andreas graphics on the pc. It doesn't change the textures but it still is a damn good mod. There are no instructions but all you have to do is download the zip file and extract the d3d8.dll and the spec.ini file to the folder where the gta_vc.exe file is ie. your vice city root directory. If you don't want to have trails in game open the spec.ini that is already in your vice city root directory and look at the top where it says something about trails. Then change the value to 0 and you will have no trails. Here is a screenshot from myriad island:user posted image

You can download it here:Vice City Xbox Mod

Just click on the download link below the screenshot on the website provided.

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I don't think anybody knows about this mod.

on the contrary, it was first mentioned here.



This is a mod made by willyboy

err, read the topic i linked to above. he made the *original* mod yes, but the one at the site you link too is mine, that i coded myself (based on spookie's speedo code). I do find it somewhat insulting, that they took a file (without permission) that has my name in the f*cking filename, ADDED a file to it, and got the permissions mixed up. its no less insulting that the file they added, which gives credit to willyboy, is named dexxspec.txt. and putting the last nail in the coffin, they renamed the zip file after re-packaging it.





they could atleast bother to READ the topic before stealing links to files, the disrespectful twats. that site takes the piss, if people want the mod, they can get it from the ORIGINAL links, in the topic i posted.

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