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Pac-Man World 3

Donald Rack

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Yeah. I do think it kinda sucks that they bothered putting it in 3D, but somebody must be buying it, coz they just keep making them. Plus the move into 3D was inevitable (SP)?


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That site sucks too many adds/pop-ups ect. my browser denied so many it just closed the entire window. I wouldnt reasearch an any pac-man games since it's hard to get that 80's tune from the Atari out of my head. All pac-man games have faild namco since Pac-Attack for Super Nintendo came out.


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that's a round crash bandicoot. or so the screenshots would lead me to belive. i mean, if you replaced CJ with a pac-man model in SAN AN, could you call it Pac Man: San Andreas?


i think not

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They couldn't be banking of the Pac Man name could they? I mean, game developers are always original right?


Original Pac Man > Any other sh*t Pac Man.


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