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*Official* Sniper Elite Topic

Tom Hagan

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Well I was looking around for Socom 3 on the internet and I ran across this. It's called " Sniper Elite ". This is the Official Sniper Elite chat topic, post screens, your opinion, what ever you have to say abou the game we want to hear!


Story Line

The second world war is coming to an end and the Soviet's and Nazi's are battling it out for Berlin. You play an American sent into the middle of the battle by the US secret service trying to thwart Soviet nuclear ambitions at the dawn of the cold war.



First and Third person view

Non-Linear story mode

Sophisticated AI and Mission design

25 missions with online play





























Release Date

September 27,2005

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Yes I have been watching this game's development fairly closely for awhile now.I have always wanted a game that had a "Enemy at the Gates" feel to it.I hope this is it


I suggested this to EA awhile back..a sorta MoH:Sniper of Stalingrad if you will.This ain't exactly that as it starts at the end of WW2 but its close enough..

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i saw this on a gaming programme the other day. They tested had a former sniper test it out and he said it is very realistic. really cant wait for this.

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I thikn the most amazing cinematic came from getting sniped in the head. I love the whoel idea of seeing the bullet whiz through scenery while slow-mo going into and out of the head, leaving the brains on the ground!
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Dude, why do you go into every topic and post New Preview? Write a preview yourself, just dont link one in EVERY TOPIC.
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I dont like most other WW2 shooters, but this one has something special about it. It just looks really good.
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I dont like most other WW2 shooters, but this one has something special about it. It just looks really good.

I agree. Also, the sniping element will probably really make this game stand out among the other WWII shooters. There is a bit of sniping in the Medal of Honor series, but none of it looks this polished.

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I dont like the MOH series, they have terrible graphics and bad gameplay.

I agree. The series really went down the crapper after Frontline. The enemy AI in the new MOH is just terrible, as are the graphics and framerate.

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I rather liked MoH:EA.It had some great levels.It was WAY TOO SHORT though.No online either..which really didn't bother me.


This game looks completely different from that type of FPS.I'm thinking...well..hoping...you will have to use your brain in this one.There should be a decent element of stealth/sneaking/disguise


..and with 20+ missions/levels,it should be anything but too short.

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Well you have to be patient to play this game, since you can run out blazing. You have to take out tanks by shooting the gas tank etc.
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  • 2 months later...

FINALLY!...after much wait,delays and what not,this game has finally appeared on store shelves in Canada.


Release in Canada was Oct.Manager guy said they hadn't even heard of it until this month.He said with all the great games releases in the last month or so pushed this title towards oblivion.


Anyways,this is a neato game.No run and gun here...unless you like dying.


Gameplay is slow and methodical.You must plan your movements carefully.


It has the classic sniping stuff.You can muzzle the sound of your shots by timing the shot with artillery etc.

You hold your breath to steady your aim.

You must compensate for wind and gravity.


All in all,it makes for a challenging game.Blasting an enemy from 500 yards with wind is anything but easy but very rewarding.If you make a "special" shot like a headshot or a moving target hit,you get a sorta Matrix like bullet camera that follows the bullet in slo mo right into...the target...or most often,the target's head :D


Played thru the first 3 missions(3>5 levels per mission) and allready have spent around 8 hours playing...and supposedly there are 28 "levels"


4 levels of difficulty should make for half decent replay value.


Its a combo of 3rd and FPS.A fair amount of MGS style gameplay.It even has a comoflauge meter like MGS.


Pretty good game.A thinking man's WW2 "shooter"

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k...couple more words:


Still only about half way thru.By today's standards,this game is huge.


It takes a long time to get thru each level.This is very good.You must use stealth....take your shot...relocate.


You can also set "traps".There are tripwire grenades you can string up in strategic locations(don't forget about them).

You can lay some TNT somewhere.Get back into good sniping position.Wait for enemys.Snipe the TNT...kaboom!...bodies fly


You also have access to time bombs biggrin.gif...very useful


..and speaking of bodies,if you wound an enemy,he will roll about on the ground in agony until he dies or you execute the mercy shot.Sometimes if you wound an enemy,another will run out and pick him up and carry him to safety....not a great plan when a sniper is about wink.gif

Bodies can be searched for weapons,medical supplies and,of course,dog tags.You can also pick them up and move them


Another GREAT thing is when you replay a mission,the enemys ARE NOT in the same places.Only the odd rooftop sniper will be in the same spot.This makes it very,very replayable.


Controls are completly customizable.I love when developers do this.Also the difficulty is completely customizable as well.


A long single player campaign,2 players co-operative as well as online play makes this game a great value.It has that "Enemy at the Gates" feel to it


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i heard that its is also online, can anyone tell me about it?

if its like two or four snipers in a map, wouldnt they all just camp?

thats the only reason i havent gotten this game, the online aspect of it troubles me.

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Ya the online is..well you need a good mate(s) to play.There are plenty of non-sniper weapons to use but thats not really the point.


Havn't played much but saw just non-sniper type action.You can get better in some other title if thats your thing.

I did have a great 1vs1 deathmatch with 1 spotter each.That IS good and very intense


there are not many players though.


Game should be looked at from a SP point of view.

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I am thinking about gettting this one considering my username on here. I love war games and especially WW2 ones I own about everyone of them on PS2. Though there are a few things that trouble me. I am not a patient person. Though I love sniping on other war games like MOH, COD and BIA.


Though I love MGS I didn't like Splinter Cell. I like to run in gun mostly.


I have a few questions if you dont mind answering?


1. Is it hard to control breathing and stuff?

2. Is it hard to get an enemy in your sights and stay with him?

3. Say you miss a guy will that fail the mission?

4. How many guys do you ahve to kill in a single mission usually?

5. Is this game as easy to AIM as say MOH, COD, or BIA?


srry for all the questions but hopefully you can answer them.


Thnks guys. colgate.gif

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note-PS2 version



1.No.Single button.This steadys the aim significantly.How long it lasts depends on what level you play.iirc its 10 seconds at highest level...fully customizable though.


2.Yes and no.Spotting them is tough.You have binoculars in addition to your rifle scope.Always wise to scout before moving in the open.

Actually sighting of target is just like many other sniper rifle.Click R3 to enter scope mode.D pad to zoom in and out.R1-fire


3.No.But if you did not mask your shot with sound or take too many shots from 1 position,the enemys will run to look for you.You are no match in blast away combat generally speaking so if you miss it is wise to relocate ASAP.Enemys are very accurate shots.Stealth is important.You want to be at long ranges where your sniper rifle gives you the advantage.


4-It varies.Really as many as you want.many can be flanked.Some have to be eliminated to proceed.Its fairly free roaming-ish.There is a primary target/task for each mission.


5.Its very easy to aim but to be accurate at distance with wind and gravity compensation takes trial and error.Sniping is a REAL skill in this game.Not just point and shoot.


All controls are fully customizable so stuff like wind and gravity can be truned off if desired

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Ok thnks man for your help at answering those questions. It will soon be in my PS2 in the next few days.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Srry bout the double post.


Though I finally got this game for Christmas. Its a great game I am on the castle part I think 4th mission.

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I didn't think this game was as good as I thought it would be. THANK god i didn't buy it i just put it on my hard drive maybe its better online


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I thought it was really good.


Though it is a very long game I'm on the 4th mission and there is like 28 or so and I spend about 30 minutes to and hour on each.


This game is ridiculously fun.

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I had fun online doing a 1vs1 "duel".But a game where everybody is one type is prolly not so good.


There is a fair amount of stealth type action in this game.You move fast,you make noise and alert enemies with an amazing sense of hearing.


You move slow and noiseless and you can sneak right into postion,Even right behind an enemy.


This stealth aspect doesn't appeal to everybody.More likely will appeal to fans of MGS,Splinter Cell,Hitman..etc.


As mentioned,it takes a LONG time to work thru "levels".You can save anytime thankfully.


I luv setting tripwire grenades,time bombs and sniping vehicle fuel tanks.Snipering is good fun when you can't be hurt for real :D

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Out of all the times I headshot someone, their brains never fly out. All it is, is a gush wound in and out. Can you blow their brains out?

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