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Game freezes and must be rebooted


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During the game sometimes the action will freeze (but the music and sound effects continue) and after about 30 seconds it goes black with a Windows box that tells me me that my display driver has stopped working normally.


ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped functioning normally.


I'm no good with computers, so any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks all.


GTA: VC for PC

I don't know the versoin number (where do I find it?)

Windows XP

eMachines with pleny of RAM (it's new)

I installed the 1.1 patch and deleted the settings file like I saw in earlier posts

GTA 3 worked like a charm on this same machine


What am I missing here?

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I figured out a solution. Someone mentioned that it might be overheating my computer (it's in its own little compartment, so that's why). So I put a small fan on high up to it to keep the air circulating...and presto, no more crashing.

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