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[SNP] Driving and flight school help request


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Mission(s): CURRENT MISSIONS ONLY for both driving school and flight school

Link: http://s45.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=23MAN9J...BJ0C7WA8D87NPUR




Thanks for whoever picks this up for being part of this fantastic feature. I would like two things doing in the file that I've provided the link for above. Firstly, the start position is at Verdant Meadows airstrip, and I would like the circuit of the airstrip doing, but then stop with that.


Then could you go to the driving school and complete the powerslide circuit test?




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For: mcsmith1981

Mission(s): Circle Airstrip, Burn And Lap

Helper: Plaka

Link: The FILE




COMPLETED wink.gif

2 Golds



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