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New Siggy And Avatar!


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The avatar is too big.

It would be resized automatically, but it would lose quality so you're better off making one that's 64x64.


I like the sig though.

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I made two avatars. One is 100x100 pixels and the other is 64x64 pixels. As you can see I am using the 64x64 pixels.

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I was typing that too Sweets tounge.gif

But it seems like it didn't f*ck up this time, the avatar looks pretty crisp.

The sig's pretty good, maybe you should make the text stand out a bit more (other color ? I don't know).

Maybe it looks better like that, I'm not really sure about it.

And give it a 2px black border. I don't like that 1px / 1px transparent / 1px style.

But maybe it's just a matter of taste...


Btw, is that a Balrog in your sig? It looks a lot like it biggrin.gif.


[EDIT] I noticed that you just changed that avatar, it really doesn't look different than before tounge.gif.

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I really like it but i too think the text needs to stand out more.


For your border why don't you try 2px-transparant-1px. Or something like that to give it a thicker border.


But overall good work.

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I don't know. I just typed in Demon and forund one I liked.

So, you're saying that you never heard of a Balrog.

Btw, I found that picture and it's not a balrog,.. fyi...


rolleyes.gif ...

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It's pretty nice overall to start off with, catches the eye for sure. The border can be improved much more, it is original but doesn't match greatly with that sig from my point of view. I do however like the blend in with the demon or what ever the f*ck he is, and that obviously is the best part in your sig. For the text try and make it like it is carved in, balance the picture more to give it a better feel in the end.


Do you make your own brushes by the way? I like the brushing you did.

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