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FPS style control and cam


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So I'm just going to go ahead and tag on to this thread since it already exists in this particular plane of ...existance.



-and other ghastly sounds of blood-curdling horror and amazing murder blood sex orgies...



I like the idea of a FPS cam, but maybe some specifics would be nice. What about coding it so CJ can run with the camera (camera pickup) and then code it so the action button to make CJ look through it is now a toggle switch...


Then if that works, try moving on to adding the ability to fire guns, operate jet packs, bike, and drive cars and all that good jazz.


Yeah i'm no coder, just an over-thinking, opinionated asshole.










Final word-hole





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I could start porting SA over to .map format in bits and pieces and block off certain parts (.map build for the map of SA would be insane).


I don't know if this'd be allowed though, I mean R* might not like that. Everything would be totally different except the map.


Cars would no longer be used either. The only thing that would remain would be the map.


I'm definately going to do this for myself, but I don't know how much of a right I have to allow others to download it somewhere or something. confused.gif

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