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[SNP] Cesar Vialpondo


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I have tried to beat this stupid mission dozens of times and I've failed each one. Can someone please clear it for me? Thank you SO MUCH!!!


save game link - http://paulproton.tripod.com/GTASAsf8.b


if you can't log download it (tripod.com is kind of odd sometimes but not usually) email me and i will give you the username/password to log on and get it.







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I tried to download it, but I think you uploaded the file in HTML format. Try using a site like yousendit.com to upload your file and I'll be happy to help you.




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what do u have 2 do on this mission?

you take a hooptie ride over to unity station and do this dance dance revolution wanna be stuff with the car and its hydraulics. i think it's me, i can't ever seem to beat this level lol! devil.gif

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