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unhandled exception


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what happened do far...


bought GTA3 for small money (only 10 Euro...)

installed game

started and receveived error c0000005 005bf949


checked the forum - read gta3 fixes

downloaded patch 1.1

patched, received error unkown version



patched error...


read take2 technical help


run regseek (cleaning tool)

run regedit - searchet for gta3 - deleted all lines with gta3


patched error...


As I understood, this is a DX problem?

I installed DX9.0c (together with SilentHunter3, before GTA3 - no probs)

DirectX Version (named)

tried Reinstall DX9.0c from Sh3 disc, but i think DX only checks and soent do a reinstall



Ordinary machine (no tuning), 512 mb ram, ATI Radeon9600Pro (low settings),

I dont have the newest GPU driver installed (CATALYST™ Version 05.3),

but the game is old enough, that i dont expect fixes from that side.

Driver runs fine with all other applications, and i learned my lesson about touching

a running system...


So, what can i do?

Is my fresh bought game already patched?

I found in the *.ini 2x ver 1.0 so i guess no...

Is there a better way to clean the reg, the way i did?


Thanks, and my regards...



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checked the forum - read gta3 fixes

downloaded patch 1.1

patched, received error unkown version

SCREEECH! The patch doesn't sort out anything that prevented the game from running. So installing the patch is like trying to address your hunger by buying a pair of pants. Let's stick to addressing THE PROBLEM.


The only time I know of that the patch will tell you unknown version is if you're using a no-CD EXE. Normally that wouldn't matter because as stated, the patch won't help you. But since you didn't mention using a no-CD patch version but DID mention buying it, my guess is that you bought some 2nd hand burned version of the game. If R* didn't release it and it doesn't work, you're at the whim of the person you purchased it from. Only THEY will know what's on the disc. Not R* and certainly not us.


If there's been a miscommunication, feel free to clear it up.

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Hello Demarest,


first, thank you for instant reply.


Second, i just told what i did.

Of cause i didn´t await the all curing patch, but at least

i would give it a try. And i read in the Gta3 fixes this:


This is the offcial patch from Rockstar:Supposed to fix the following problems:

-Exception error after blue Rockstar load screen fixed.


so far the patch...


Third, i brought the game first hand from the SaturnHansa/MediaMarket group.

Don´t know, if you know them - but they are first supplier of electronics in

germany, where i live. I hope the company doesnt sell illegal copies.


So, do you have any suggestions what i can do?

And, is it true that this error occurs with directX?


Thank you for your patience.


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I see. Well I just learned something colgate.gif


You'll know if you purchased a retail copy. If it came from a reputable vendor, then chances are pretty good.


For a fresh install of a legit GTA3 to not accept the patch, that might tell us the problem. You've installed twice, so maybe you got a bad disc? Try exchanging it. The patch should work straightaway.

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