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Map changing mod?


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Either something that allows you to write on the game map, or an already modified map file that shows hospitals/property locations/ police stations / the entrance into the military base, but not hidden packages and rampages. The RL map that comes with the game is a bit unwieldly.

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The RL map that comes with the game is a bit unwieldly.

How do you figure? You want to know where properties, hospitals, and police stations are. It tells you (except the property in the northeast corner). Want to know where the hospitals are better than that, die. Or get arrested to learn the police stations better than the map shows. Asset properties I've posted pics of with radar reference a couple places here. That in conjunction with your map should have you good to go. As far as save houses, if you're still that mystified from the game's map, I'll take pics of those too for you.


To answer your question, no. There is no mod allowing you to "write on the map". I'm assuming you're referring to SA's marker. You can however modify the games radar. Modding the game is covered in the modding section believe it or not.

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