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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

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GTASan Andreas CJ Rules

well i want a ped to walk around say umm... mad dogs crib as part of my mod (i add interiors and sum funny stuff). but i want them to randomly spawn (mainly strippers / prozzies and VERY RARLY mad dog himself). and i want them to walk a path thru the house and sit down every so often (i think i know how. just add a bench object inside a sofa). but MAINLY i want them to spawn and walk around the house like a normal ped would.


i have found that spawnin gamblin tables under the floor slightly so u cant see then will spawn a ped. but these are dumass peds. they walk into walls and barly move.


i hope this is in the right topic.


this IS NOT a request, i want sum1 to tell me how i would do this.


im lookin in main now. i think in the mission were u take back dogs mansion and chase that dude out the house, that peds will also spawn. maby i can try and find a code for it in the mission at jefferson motel?

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