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[SnP] DS- Burn 'n Lap + Supply Lines


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Well, I've had it completely trying Burn 'n Lap, so enormously frustrating if the previous lessons are so 'doable' at least. If you would be so kind to complete only this DS lesson for me, I would be grateful.

Second, Rockstar failed to develop appropriate controls for the mission Supply Lines for the PC based version if you're lacking a gamepad IMHO. I am a dedicated IL-2 / PF player, but to me this airplane is uncontrollable even with a joystick. Moreover, it doesn't even behave like an airplane sad.gif

Thank you very much in advance if you would have some spare time to complete this mission as well. inlove.gif


My save



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For : Vaiar

Mission : Burn and Lap, Supply Lines

Helper : ajkhan316'

Link : http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...f7a1376b1555f56

Status : Complete


The controls on the baron are the same as that of a plane. it maybe hard to control with a keyborad but it aint possible. i myself use a keyboard to fly. practice makes perfect




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