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Help / Advise needed please - DS Burn 'n Lap


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DS- Burn 'n Lap


I don't understand anything of the controls in this mission. Sometimes I can make 3 laps and somtimes not even the first curve before getting the "Results" of this lesson in the driving school. The mission says: 'Press and hold W to begin." So I do that and try to do a lap using the handbrake (space), but it always ends (and most often while doing the first curve) before I can even reach the fifth lap. Do you need to hold a certain key to finish? Or do you need to keep your speed above a certain limit?


Thanks in advance, cry.gif



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In this test, you have to make sure that you dont stop. If you do, then the test is automatically failed. Accelerate through out the 5 laps except for when you are turning bends. As soon as you turn, hit the pedal. Keep on doing this throughout the 5 laps and you will pass this test. If you still cant do it, then you should watch a video tutorial as it will better explain what you have to do.


- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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I got all my schools uploaded and on-line today feel free to check the video's out, links are in my sig wink.gif

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He's also made a new topic with a request and it's been done

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