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i need help !

Eazy `E`

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hi i want to try to make a few vehicles on sanandreas and i was wondering what you use to make all this please help me


p.s. sorry if i posted this in the wrong place i didnt know were it is supposed to go

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This is asked far too often. I never asked this confused.gif


Nevertheless, you are going to need to hunt down txdworkshop 3.7 at gtatools.com for TXD (pictures) editing, Spark, you can download by clicking here. Spark is for easiest IMG editing.

Notepad is already on your computer, and is pretty much a neccessary tool for modding.


Now, you will need to read around the forum, especially the tutorial section, to learn to use these, and then you can move on to cars, etc!


Wecome to modding, I hope you have a lot of fun and I hope you share some of your creations!

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You guys are too easy. There's a forum called vehicles and he says he doesn't know where it goes, yet if he would check there (or the tutorial forum), his question is more than answered confused.gif For somebody to up and decide they want to make a car is a scary thing because you don't know if they'll bail when they find out it takes time (wasting any effort you put into them) or if they'll in fact go on to become a decent modder. Encouraging them to look for themselves by *ahem* starting in the right places will still help them, but also help them in a way they didn't ask for: Getting them to put in some effort of their own. If they can't do that, then you KNOW they won't become good modders.
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