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i am new to this forum .i have installed the NEW VICE CITY 2004 mod ...and now all missions have opened up...however there is this one mission"GUARDIAN ANGELS" where tommy picks up his gun at the ick-up point and goes to the dealing point alongwith LANCE... when tommy gets to the vantage point on the balcony, the game hangs and i have to quit......i've tried many times to complete this mission , and also after various missions,but it seems that there is a bug in this part of the game itself .please help me out . i would appreciate if anyone could pass that mission with NEW VICE CITY 2004 mod and send it to me at [email protected] plzzzzzzzzzzz

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First of all, this is a public forum. If you're asking for help here, stands to reason you'd get your answer here, eh? Secondly you can't expect somebody to install a mod just you. Thirdly, you didn't even link to the mod, so how COULD anybody? Fourth, if you're having trouble with a mod, why not post in the modding section? It's OBVIOUSLY the mod that's preventing you from advancing. Finally, ALL threads in Troubleshooting are about "help help help!" Maybe choose a topic title that tells us what it's about.

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