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Los Santos Tag Sources and Stories.


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hello! smile.gif


Me And an Other Member, Joey.Leone is creating a Newspaper based on GTA San Andreas, so if you got sources of informations( or a story), PM me or him about it.


we are also trying to create a TV Guide; as you hear in many Commercials "Catch it Thursday on WEASEL", we are gonna listen to the radio stations and try to write down what they say. and create a TV Guide.


the News Paper would Be Called "Los Santos Tag" or "The Los Santos Tag".


if you got feedback, recommendations, or just say that you work with it, say it in this topic. if you got a story or a secret to tell, PM me Or Joey.Leone.


and Please no Bigfoot sightings or UFO spotting. lol.gif

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How bout an obituary that would be fun tounge.gif


Hmm, ill try to make some more.

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obituary! why didn't i think of that? lol.gif


great suggestion.


people didn't seems do be too interested.


but we are still working on it, hopefully.


im creating layout and info on pages tonight, or on the evening. smile.gif

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We should put some old news in to refresh memory's and to give new members a chance to get to know stuff to like uhm.... Everywhere unlocked glitch and stuff... and the san andreas dictionary (or whatever it was).- Slurp Slurp, Hmmm... Sprunk!

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You should include all the stories mentioned on WCTR.


It would take a while to find every change that happens after specific missions, but I think there is a transcript of those changes. I'm talking about the news stories that are played that are about something you did on a mission, that are then replaced with anoher story once you do another mission.

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