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Credit Card for VC/SA

Dodge Ram SRT-10

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Dodge Ram SRT-10

Ok for VC i was thinking of making a Credit Card to replace the Katana as a funny thing but i am having so much trouble and also my freind stuffed it a bit so i was wondering if any good modders out there could help me because it would be SOOOOO Much apreciated for my first mod.


I was thinking it could be like this



user posted image


Vice City stuff on it like Tommy's name and a fake number and all that


P.S. also do you think you could convert it to SA aswell with San Andreas stuff on it?


Thnx in advance






Um my freind also deleted the files so i'm sorry and i don't care if you don't give me credit for it or the idea.

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Dodge Ram SRT-10
it was on damn google and it shouldnt be real if its there
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