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[SNP] New Model Army


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Mission: Destroy Targets, Driving School

Link: Save File

Note: CJ is located out at the airport, so not far to travel. Topic is New Model Army because that was the last saved game.

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Make up your mind

Your topic says "New Model Army"

Your post says "Destroy Targets"

Then your note ask for "Driving School"


So which is it or is it all 3?


Look put on the "Missions:" line ALL of the mission names you want done.

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For : Pingo

Missions : Driving School, Destroying Targets

Helper : ajkhan316'

Link : http://bluehydraro.hostnmore.com/samutz/sa...1a549d7db2efb63

Status : Complete



- silver or better at driving school

- i did not do the remaing flight school tests as you didnt indiacte if you wanted it done or not




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Ok but the topic title is best set to what missions you want done.

See if it was "New Model Army" you wanted done, then I would have jumped on it.

But "Destroy Targets" I haven't gotten to myself yet and "Driving School" I'm still working on and I suck...damn Alley Oop is pissing me off.


It doesn't matter what you're last mission was. As long as we (the helpers) know what you want done, and you're saved close to atleast one of those missions, we can get to work.

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Thanks for all the help.


Mental note made about the requesting help in the future.




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