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Brown Streak RR

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Brown Streak RR

You know this was coming.


How can we have a "vehicle" chat, yet no hint of the existance of trains/railroads?


They practically spread western civilization and built the world as we know it today.


Therefore, I created this topic for train discussion. Remember those memories of your first train trip? Have a question about something you saw around the town? Have a story to share?


This is the place. Post away.

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Brown Streak RR
I expected this of you. confused.gif


The only time I have ever been on a train is during vacation we usually eat lunch on a old train, it's quite fun to see the wilderness on a slow moving train while eating good food.~TGK

Yes. How could you not see this coming?


I'm surprised it took so long... and how there's only been one reply. People need to realize where they came from. sigh.gif


Anyways, there's always something fascinating about eating on a train. Especially traversing through the wilderness. Very cool.

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When i was just a Short lil Bastard, my dad worked for CSX. i can remember several times he would take me to work with him and i would get to see the freight trains up close and personal. oh what fun it was. they were huge to me back then. still are now. the new Electro-Diesel locomotives are marvels of engineering.

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Taste Of Chaos

this bloke jumped infront of a train,and my aunts best freind was on the platform when it happened, she was knocked unconcios by the mans head. barf8bd.gif

Opportunity knocks once in a lifetime, temptation will lean on the doorbell.
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