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San Andreas aerial maps


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Just thought I'd post the fruit of my weeks of labor making some maps of San Andreas using aerial photography via Steve M's MapViewer software. The images are a very fine 1-meter resolution, so you can see almost everything.


Sorry for the self promotion on my first post. Hope you like.


GTASA aerial maps

user posted image

Edited by ialbert
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Very cool, so are these made from the files not in-game? I don't see cars or people.

Yeah SteveM's mapviewer lets you load the whole map from SA outside of gameplay where you can move the camera around so you can get some nice clean images of the map.


Anyway that's some nice work recreating aerial photography for SA as I know myself its rather tricky to get the perfect angles when looking at the map through the map viewer.

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That really shows Rockstar's beautiful piece of art. It's nice to get an aerial view of San Andreas and understand how everything fits together. Very refreshing, thanks.

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After further inspection of your website I am amazed at the work you've done, kudos to you!
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From his website:

The base imagery comes from approximately five-thousand aerial screencaps from Steve M's Map Viewer software that were then meticulously stitched together using both scripts and a lot of manual work.


Sweet Jesus! That had to be a LOT of work. Kick your feet back and relax for a while, you deserve it. And I feel a big THANK YOU is in order here!

Edited by Sylent_Bob
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You deserve a huge THANK YOU for making these maps and for sharing them online. Thank you very much. These maps are very cool. Also, these maps are very useful. I am impressed!


-Natedogg devil.gif

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Now we can see all the sexual stuff. Anyone notice a woman on the east side of san fierro?


PS: Good jovb.

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