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transparent textures bug in "gta 3, VC AND GTA sa"


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anyone else who is really annoyed over the double textures invible polygon bug

most notible when 2 tre/palm tre semi transparent edges overlap

or when u look trogh a car window over water u only se the deep and not the water


where the textures are over echother thes become invisible...

can you make the trees opaqe so the alpha clipping is sharp?

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heh, you don't want the tree leaves to be opaque, trust me. i think increasing the texture size might fix it (editing the image after re-sizing it would help too), otherwise its one of the inevitable side effects of alpha blending in gta.

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San Andreas is the only game in the series to have decent support for multiple alpha images in view, and even it still has quirks.

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so then "alpha testing" and not "alpha blending"

how to make a hack 2 force that ,that would sertenly make

everything look damn nice! :]

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