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Need Good Tutorials


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I'm 15. And I still don't know C++. I need help, quick. Every tutorial I go to either says to learn C first, because it's impossible to learn C++ without C or to not learn C, because it will make it harder to learn C++. So.. Now I'm here asking for help since the internet is trying to screw with my head. sad.gif


I need a tutorial that start from the. absolute. very. beginning. of. everything.


Thanks for your help. smile.gif

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If I was you, I would strongly recommend that you don't try and follow an online tutorial, and instead go and get a book from your library, since there are so many conflicting things in online tutorials (as you mentioned)..


However, this page is a copy of a book, and when I first started learning c++, I found it pretty good, so you might wanna have a look, although segosa'll probably come and complain about how it doesn't use printf()



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If you know C, you kinda know C++. As they are basically the same, I use a "cross" system though, I use some functions from C, and some functions from C++.


Well, just learn C. C++ isn't that much different. Only think you would notice is the output system in C++ is cout, while in C it's printf().


Structure for both;



cout << 'stuff' << linefeed ( or some other thing ) << end;



While for printf():



printf("Hi, I like myself %d times more than you.\n",variable);



I prefer printf() over cout.

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I strongly recommend you learn from a book, and not online.

I recommend the book "C++ Interactive Course", published by Waite Group Press in 1996 (a little old, but still all very relevant - cheap on eBay).


(yes, i'm currently studying that book).

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I'd also recommend a book, and no you do not need to know C first.


If you want a very basic tutorial, try http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/


I used that to supplement things that weren't made clear in the book I was using, some stuff there is easy to follow and other topics aren't. It also seems to have some complicated stuff in front of simple stuff as far as the chapters go, but check it out.

user posted image

Thanks -shaDow

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