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There is a big satilight dish on top of a hill called the big ear and you go into the fenced in area around the satilight and most of the time the sand king is there.


The Satilight is near a small town whitch is near the water you can also by a house there too but it eats cars if you park on the left.

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Heres a image which show you the location of the Sandking.

user posted image
user posted image
R.I.P. Chi Shingi Meiyo


21/09/2005 - 07/03/2007

Andolini Mafia Family


16/08/2008 - Current

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At the Big Ear, but don't pick up the thermal goggles right infront of it because it only spawns there once and it won't come back so don't get it if you want to save it. smile.gif

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