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I have a problem here.


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CygnusX help me with a [sNP] yesterday in the early morning (Post here) but I think he made a mistake with the link. I tried contacting him via PM but he hasn't responded yet. I need this file to continue playing (don't wanna do missions and then have to over write them with this file) but i can't until i get this file.


Is there anyone who has better contact with him, to ask him to fix the link for me? Or does anyone else want to do the mission for me? I appreciate his effort and all, but I really do want to continue with the game.


If this post is out of line in any way, please let me know, or remove the post all together.



Thanks in advance,



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I PM'ed him as well about it

Hopfully later today ot tomorrow we'll hear back from him

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