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Im having a bit of trouble circling around the course.does anyone have any tips or cheats that could help me finish this mission?

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Hi, I know this isn't a tip but finish the course a few times and get to know where the corona's are, when you're familliar with it try it again, also try pressing L2 & R2 if on PS2. If not use the equevalant.


Hope This Helps. tenaciousd2005


Goood Luck !!!



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Basically just don't over-control the Hustler is self righting, like the steering on a car it will come back to level flying on its own.

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well if you just want to pass the test, just let go off the accelerator when turning the plane and only tap the buttons to turn the plane. If the plane starts to lose altitude, then accelerate to gain some.



- FiJiAn 4 LiFe

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