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Speaker Trouble


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Hey hey,


Well, basically my speakers (actually... the sound) aren't working. Here's the low-down:




1. It's not a speaker hardware problem. I've got two sets, tried both of them and neither work. I've also tried headphones and nothing from them either.


2. They turn on alright, but there's just a repetitive buzzing sounds coming out of them. Like a continuous buzzing siren kinda thing... turn.gif Same case with the headphones.


3. They were working fine up until about 3-4 weeks ago. I've not done any major installations or anything that could disrupt them.


4. I've gone through the windows troubleshooter but no joy.


5. I've gone through adware and spyware removal programs... but no joy either.




I'm on verge of taking the computer down to my computer guys and having them take a look. But obviously if I can fix it myself from home it'd save them the trouble - and they're pretty busy right now.


Any suggestions as to what might be wrong would be most appreciated. Please write in the simplest terms, as when it comes to technical stuff I'm pretty lame. confused.gif


Cheers all. smile.gif

--- AMF ---


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So you get a small buzzing like noise? Most onboard sounds cards always have a bit of static, I have onboard audio on my laptop. Sounds like poop conected to an amp. Did you put the speakers in the right port? Do you have a PCI sound card? Pull specs, and how old is the PC?
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