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I apologize, if this topic already is somewhere or doesn´t belong here, but... I want to know, how can I make cutscenes by myself, lip-syncing is not necessary.


My idea is, that I´d like to do some short film using PC VC engine, last night for example I tried to capture replayed frames (using keys F1, F2, F3) with FRAPS, took 'em from different angles and the result was quite satisfying, later editing them with Adobe Premiere.


But main problem is, that in-game camera follows only Vercetti, I´m not able to take proper shots of landscapes, city or other characters.


So, I'm asking you how to solve this movie-making problem? I have a gut-feeling that using some other methods, but beformentioned "replay frame capturing", is VERY VERY difficult...


Thank you,


Manki B

[email protected]

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