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GTA Vice City redux


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I thanked Craig and his gang for making GTA Liberty City, where you can play GTAIII inside GTA Vice City.


Now, i'm planning for a total conversion mod called GTA Vice City redux where you can San Andreas in a Vice City. There will be Vice City mission, 80's setting, Vice City vehicles, vice City characters, Vice City radio stations, and of course you'll play as he one and only, Tommy Vercetti. Imagine:


You can fly more than one plane other than lame ass skimmer in VC.


Tommy and his Vercetti gang can do a SA-styled drive-by against the Haitians, VC style!


You can take over Haitian , wannabes aand Cuban territories and make it belong the Vercetti gang instead!


You can date Mercedez and do "Hot Coffee" with her (But you can pick whether include it or not so that there would be no "Make-Way-For-Jack-Thompson" bullsh*t)


During the takeover of Diaz's mansion, you can sneak all the way to the mansion instead


You can rob houses too!


And lots more.


Nice isn't it? But i need modellers, mappers, audio & font editors, main.scm editors and some experts to join it. Now i hope some people who make GTALC a success. If you're interested in helping me, send your info to my e-mail: [email protected]


Till then, may the force be with you!

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Vercetti Gangsta

First of all it's salamualaikum ph34r.gif

Second of all, do you know how to do anything at your own? I mean mission coding, modeling etc.?

If no, then forget it. You cant reqruit people to do the TC for you confused.gif

Oh and ummm... It might be a good idea to read the Starters Guide To Total Conversions.

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Well, i'm good at mission coding and txd editing, but not vehicle modelling and mapping. So that's why i want guys to help me.

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