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How are these speakers?


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I'm thinking of buying new speakers because sometimes the ones I have get fuzzy and unclear. Also I only play games on my computer. I only have about $25 so I'm not looking for the best just something with decent volume, clear and won't die out in middle of games.


I'm not sure if it's neccessary at all, but I would perfer it if I wouldn't have to dowload new drivers for them. Also I tried my moms, I think they came with her Compaq, and they didn't work. I'm not sure why though.


Here's what I found so far.




I'm sure it doesn't matter, but here are my specs.


A64 3000+ Venice - Leadtek PX6600GT 128MB PCI~E - Corsair ValueSelect 1GB - 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB HDD - Chaintech NForce4 Ultra ATX MOBO

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I first read the question as "are these speakers?" and I was going to make a smartass reply like "WHY YES THEY ARE" but then I saw that you snuck the word 'How' in there, you tricky bastard.


If you have a Sound Blaster 2-channel sound card then I don't think you'd have to get new drivers, but they seem to be pretty good speakers compared to the price.


Personally I went with a 2.1 setup when Circuit City had a sale, and got some nice ones for like $35. Then again I really like my bass, and had to get new drivers for it as well.

user posted image

Thanks -shaDow

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I don't have any sound card except the one that came with my mother board. I do have RealTech Sound manager though. It's a software that came with a driver and when I tried to uninstall it my sound wouldn't work.


Here's my sound card.


Onboard Audio

Audio Chipset AC97 Codec

Audio Channels 8 Channels


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