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Boxville Handling


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Unlike other vehicles I have changed handling.cfg for, the Boxville does not respond to changes, it keeps making me fall asleep as it moves along at 25mph. Anyone know what is up with this? I am trying to make the thing usable for the house invasion missions

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You might not be changing the right things.



BOXVILLE	5500.0	23489.6	3.0	0.0	0.0	0.0	80	0.82	0.70	0.46	5	140.0	14.0	25.0	R	D	4.5	0.60	0	30.0	0.9	0.08	0.0	0.25	-0.25	0.35	0.6	0.26	0.40	22000	4009	201	0	3	13

This is the original handling for the Boxville. Post your handling so that people can see what you have tried. Sometimes, vehicles which have been saved in a garage will retain the old handling so you might just have to spawn or steal a new Boxville.

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Hey Cerb, was really hard not to PM you about this.....I am sure it's something dumb I'm doing......now don't laugh, I changed a lot of things in an extreme way as a last resort trying to get some kind of effect....btw, the only boxville I'm testing is the one parked near CJ's, across from the gym.



BOXVILLE     4800.0    9000.0   1.0    0.0 0.0 -0.35 80  1.20 0.70 0.46  5 140.0 900.0 1.0 R P  10.5  0.60 0 30.0  	0.9  0.08  0.0   0.25 -0.25 0.35 0.6  0.26 0.00 22000  0009  2088  	0  3	13



Now I said don't laugh.....That's where I left off. I started out just changing top speed and accel. Then I tried inertia and different mass. Then I started changing a lot.

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BOXVILLE    4800.0    9000.0  1.0    0.0 0.0 -0.35 80  1.20 0.70 0.46  5 140.0 900.0 1.0 R P  10.5  0.60 0 30.0  0.9  0.08  0.0  0.25 -0.25 0.35 0.6  0.26 0.00 22000  0009  2088  0  3 13


140 represents the top speed, which is allright I suppose. But the accelleration of 900, when the banshee has 33.0 is a little over the top, and probably not supported.




(O) TransmissionData.fEngineAcceleration [0.1 to 10.0]

I think that that is not true, as not vehicle is under 10 units for accel, so I'll bet 40-50 is he top. Stay under 40 for safety though.


Cheers. Hope that shed a little light.

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Have you tried stealing or spawning a new Boxville like I said?


The settings you use should work fine in the game, an acceleration of 900 should work correctly. You could try reducing it to 200 to be safer, though.

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Yeah, I never went that high with anything before, I went a bit far, but I was just trying to get some kind of reaction.....not sure where to find a boxville besides the one by the gym, I'll check the car lists, and I'll try stashing it in the garage, or taking it for a drive and then go back and see if another spawned there. BTW, I forget what you called your app for handling all three games .cfg files, but I think you've finally found a way to get me to stop using notepad.


Edit: I changed top speed to 1. It still moves like default....I tried putting it in the garage, no help. I haven't seen any driving the streets yet...not gonna spend time looking.......Cerb, have you tried modding it?

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If you can't be bothered searching or just spawning a new vehicle, why the f*ck should I even bother writing a post helping you? Hell, you don't even deserve anyone spending the time to flame you for your lazyness, imho.


One of the reasons the Boxville doesn't accelerate quickly is due to the high Drag setting of 3.0 when it is between 1 and 2 for most vehicles. It also has a fairly high Inertia of 25.0 when most vehicles don't even get into single figures for it. By lowering the Drag and Inertia the acceleration and top speed are increased. By increasing the Acceleration setting, the acceleration and sometimes the top speed is increased. If it already has a high top speed, changing the acceleration won't make it reach a higher top speed.


For more details, check my acceleration experiments which you would probably have found if you used the search form.



BOXVILLE	5500.0	23489.6	1.0	0.0	0.0	0.0	80	0.82	0.70	0.46	5	140.0	200	1	R	D	4.5	0.60	0	30.0	0.9	0.08	0.0	0.25	-0.25	0.35	0.6	0.26	0.40	22000	4009	201	0	3	13

Make sure you spawn a new Boxville and make sure you saved the handling.cfg file. You might want to increase the traction of this vehicle. Using a Acceleration of around 50 would be easier to control and not much slower. To get higher top speeds than the hardcoded limits for standard acceleration, you have to set the USE_MAXSPD_LIMIT flag, as described in my handling experiments.


I've tested this setup. It works.

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