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Zmod2 Material Editor


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Hope I have the right section for this post......Ok, anytime I open the material editer in Zmod2 Registered, it either crashes or scrambles the screen.......anyone have any ideas? Oleg thought maybe video card issues, but changing settings in Zmod had no effect......even if I create some faces and try to open Materials Editor it scrambles the viewports. Also, anyone find any guides for UVmapping in ZMod2 that actually explain what to do?

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If Oleg suspects video card issues, either you found a hole in his compatibilities, or maybe you could try updating your drivers, this seems to be the cause of next to everything.


As to the mapping, well, show us the interface (screencaps) and it can probably be reverse engineered fairly easily. Mapping has only so many possibilities, thus mappers can be worked out usually based just on uvw basics. Doesn't even the PAID version of zmod2 have documentation included? I read that Oleg was entrusting this entirely to a 3rd party, but I didn't really believe it, given people are forking over money. What's up with that?


Cheers rampage_ani.gif

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Never had any problems with trying to map textures in zmod2.

After a little bit of clicking here seeing what buttons do what, and reading

the mapping tutorial Oleg placed on his site, i found it much easier then


As to your problem, without really seeing what its doing it's hard to say

whats causing that, other then what Augh has suggested, seem's that's

all you can do.

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@ Augh I hope it's not compatability, I'm using catalyst 5.6? Shows Driver in device manager, for ATI 9600. I followed all the advice in these forums for set-up, even increased aperature in Bios to 256....still this game won't run smoothly even @ 800x600. (AMD64 3000+, 1.5g RAM). Anyway, everything beside SA and ZMod2 runs great, after going through the bios and video card settings, everything ran even better, it cut rendering time for 700mb .avi for DVD from 4hrs to under 3, so I think I have as 'optimized' as possible.


Here are screen caps;

In game;

user posted image

In Zmod;

user posted image

In Zmod after opening Materials Editor;

user posted image


Well, there is some documentation, I read through it several times, but can't get anywhere, as it scrambles the viewports if it doesn't simply crash when trying to use Materials Editor. So far the documentation I found leaves a lot to be desired for dumb people like me....I believe Oleg is having 3rd party documentation as he has his hands full working out bugs and adding features.


@ Daalyman I had a much easier time working with the mesh in Zmod2, it is better than Zmod1, I need to get past that Materials Editor to get anywhere though.

I tried using the Materials Editor in Object, Faces and Vertex Mode, same result each time.....


As you can see from the caps, I need to completely retexture this, and do some normals work. I'm on the verge of giving up lol. I have yet to do a single mission in SA, have at least 40hrs time spent trying to get SA to run smoothly, I have given up on that idea. I have only spent 35 minutes on Bullet in Zmod2, although the mesh is far from done, I decided to learn UV mapping, but now have 5 hrs gone trying just to open materials editor *sigh* HELP!!!! lmao






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Damn! you comp seems to be at a good grade to be able to run

SA smoothly.

I had only a 1.9ghz athlon 2400xp, and it ran it great.

but now it only runs at a 1.5ghz, and i can see some choppy

game play, but still playable.

As for zmod i have an ati radeon 9550 256mb card.

so my settings are like this.

user posted image

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Thanks Daalyman, that confirms for me that ATI should be able to use those settings....btw, ATI9600 is only 128mb......


OK, problem is fixed. Was a very basic thing, too embarassing to reveal what it was, even for a dumass. Some people should just not be allowed to mess with pcs blush.gif


Ohg yeah, SA is running very smooth now biggrin.gif

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