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gta4 and 4player co-op(split screen)


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#1. 4 player story mode

#2.your homie drive for you die.gif selet your destination by targeting in your map mad.gif

#3.can jack amunitation,clothing,houses,banks with your homies devil.gif

#4.buy your own vehicle biggrin.gif

#5.all 4 players can drive a different vehicle

#6.call your homie when you need help die.gif

#7.make your own player

#8.if you go to jail you have to sneak out or bribe a cop or your homeies help you get out. yawn.gif

#9.play basket ball and foot ball with your homies sarcasm.gif

#10.play gta 4 live

#11.better gunz sneaky2.gif




gta the best

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