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Radio 1 mix


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Hey, the other morning i got to work early, and on BBC Radio 1 they were playing this kind of like.. err, well, it was rap, but it was like a re-mix.

Does anyone listen to Radio 1 and know what im on about? I really badly want the name of it, its such a good rap.. smile.gif .



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Sorry, I'm an XFM man. confused.gif But why not text or e-mail Radio 1 during a request session... they'll probably know what you mean... sorta... turn.gif


And I thought they listed what tracks they play on their website... if I heard correctly...

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Ill check, but you seriously dont know how much i want to download get that song..

EDIT: I cant find nothing.. sad.gif

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They have tracklists on the site.. If I wasn't busy, I'd look for you, but I am tounge.gif


If you're that desperate, remember roughly what time the track played and as much as you can about the track itself, and email the DJ asking them if they'd be able to tell you the name or any information on it. smile.gif



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I listen to radio1 sumtimes, as said before just email the DJ ive done it a few times and they always reply with my answer smile.gif
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Well, it was on early in the morning..

But i have another option..

Today, first day back at school, i got into tutor and Sam, one of the bullies, who is also my friend when hes not with his mates, was playing it on his phone, so i just need to try and find Sam when hes on his own and say what is the song you were playing..

Ill see how it goes..

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