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gta1 too slow in LAN mode


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hi there !!


i'm from germany, so i'll do my best to make my problem clear to you all wink.gif


well - i tried to play the first gta1 with a friend in LAN mode - and it simply runned TOO SLOW / it runned NOT FLUENTLY as it should do normally.


we then tried the single player mode again, and it was normal again. the problem just appears in lan games.


here's some information about our computers:

both computers where modern & fast enough to run the game, my pc's OS is win xp, and my friend's is win2000 (we tried win98 too). and we even combined DOS mode with WIN mode, IPX & TCP/IP network and so on...


plz help me out if you can !!

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The DOS version can't play the Windows version. The game will be out of sync if you try playing Windows 98 vs XP. I assume win2k vs XP should work but I've only successfully tested XP vs XP and 98 vs 98. Out of sync means different things happen on both screens, so it's unplayable but it probably doesn't explain the slow speed you are getting. It can run fast on LAN and if it runs fine in singleplayer then I don't think the lowering sound acceleration fix will help you at all.

Edited by Sektor
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well certainly - we also once managed to play it in lan mode some months ago.

but i just can't explain it wow.gif


but that OS-difference also was my first thought. maybe that's the point.


thanks anyway sektor wink.gif

and i'm still hungry for new posts rahkstar2.gifcookie.gifturn.gif

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